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Conflicts Provision for Engagement

Check the box below if you agree to these terms:

  *I have read and agreed with the Conflicts Provision for Engagement
          Agreement detailed on this page. 

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Please describe the particulars of this matter in full detail. More details will help our conflict-check team quickly review your information and approve your purchase of any Discover For Yourself hosted services.

List of Litigants *
Please list the names of the litigants in this matter.

Legal Representatives of All Parties *
Please list the names of the legal representatives for all parties in this matter.

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*Note: if this page does not respond upon pressing the "Agree and Submit" button, scroll up to see if you left any fields blank.

Thanks for your
interest in purchasing
Discover For Yourself!

Please review the information on this page and complete the form below to continue with purchasing one of our hosted solutions in the Discover For Yourself family of products.

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