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Processing - ILStech.comProcess Documents with Speed and Accuracy

To defensibly process electronically stored information (ESI), you need a service provider that has the processing speed, experience and technology infrastructure required. ILS processing capabilities are unrivaled. We have over 7 years of experience helping clients defensibly reduce data volumes for both large and small matters. With our investment in IT infrastructure, including enterprise-class processing servers and scalable storage capacity, ILS has hosted more than 30 TB of data and produced more than 4,000 productions with efficiency and accuracy.

  • Process virtually any file. Discover FY supports more than 3,700 file types and detects the native file type regardless of extension.

  • Easily scale to speed processing on multiple machines simultaneously.

  • Efficiently produce searchable information with optical character recognition (OCR). Use OCR to convert image file types, such as TIFF and PDF, to text-searchable files.

  • Enhance searchability and document integrity with metadata extraction. Use metadata to establish and index elements such as the document’s creation time and date and the last time the document was printed – all while preserving information integrity.

  • Quickly extract attached and embedded files into discrete documents while maintaining their original relationships. File attachment hierarchies are shown in a clear, easy-to-understand format, so you can make processed attachments immediately available for examination. Attachments appear linked to their parent email or archive.

  • Streamline the review process with document de-duplication features. View a list of duplicate documents related to a particular document of interest. The de-duplication process may be applied across the entire data store, per custodian, or not at all.

  • Simplify management of problem files and avoid overlooking potentially relevant data with comprehensive “error logging” for issues such as corrupted or password protected files.

  • Import Concordance load files.

  • Unicode compliance delivers support for multiple languages. Native support for the worldwide character-encoding standard, Unicode UTF-16 enables you to process German, French, English, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Korean content.
Is eDiscovery Cost Effective?

Chris Kruse, Founder, Chairman of the Board, VP Business Development and founder of CaseCentral:

The alarm clock is already ringing! Electronic discovery is important regardless of the size of the case. Large and small law firms, alike, will miss the boat if they don’t jump into the electronic discovery waters.” 

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Elements of Discover For Yourself eDiscovery Software

Processing - Documents are rapidly processed with over 3700 file types supported. Click to learn more! Review - User-inspired EDGE review interface is designed for accurate, informative and fast document examination. Click to learn more! Analysis - Effectively manage your documents and streamline workflow during the review process. Click to learn more! Production - Satisfy production requirements with multiple output, printing and stamping options. Click to learn more!

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Process Documents with Speed and Accuracy
Discover FY provides the ability to rapidly and accurately filter, process, and produce searchable information. Using DiscoverFY, organizations can perform early case assessments and rapily cull data, resulting in significantly reduced eDiscovery costs.
Highlighted Features
  • Produce searchable information by using optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Document de-duplication
  • Metadata extraction
  • Support for more than 3,700 file types
  • Similar document identification
  • Import Concordance load files
  • Supports Foreign language
Conduct Accurate, Efficient Reviews from a User-Friendly Interface
The Discover FY review interface provides law firms, businesses, and government
agencies with a variety of features needed to easily manage reviews. By using an
optimized layout, concurrent reviewers can quickly navigate documents and access commands from an intuitive interface, enabling a truly iterative workflow.
Highlighted Features
  • Unlimited user-defined folders
  • Advanced searching features
  • Native file views
  • Bulk coding
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Document hierarchy representation
  • Shortcut command features Document grouping
  • Redaction
Analyze Documents, Review Performance, and More
Discover FY provides the ability to efficiently analyze data in multiple formats. As an integrated part of the platform, robust analysis features streamline process workflows, delivering focused insight into case facts for a higher level of clarity and defensibility throughout the eDiscovery process.
Highlighted Features
  • File type verification
  • Concept searching
  • Topic clustering
  • Document theme analysis
Employ Flexible Output Options and Streamline Productions
This important phase in the eDiscovery process hinges on your ability to flexibly deliver documents in the right format--requirements that can change with every discovery request. Discover for Yourself streamlines the production of responsive documents in a variety of formats.
Highlighted Features
  • Multiple file output formats
  • Bates stamping
  • Rolling productions
Is eDiscovery Cost Effective?

Chris Kruse, Founder, Chairman of the Board, VP Business Development and founder of CaseCentral:

"The alarm clock is already ringing! Electronic discovery is important regardless of the size of the case. Large and small law firms, alike, will miss the boat if they don't jump into the electronic discovery waters."

"Just think about your personal e-mail program, which can easily contain more than a gigabyte of data. The cost and time savings alone justify using electronic discovery versus paper-based approaches to aggregate, cull, and review the messages in such cases. For example, the Greg McPolin in the New York Law Journal states that paper-based, manual review costs an average of $2.20 per page while electronic discovery costs only $0.25 per page ("E-Discovery: A Common Term That is Little Understand", January 27, 2002)."